Dear Tidy-Up Lady

Sunday, October 7

My mum found these letters a few weeks ago when she was tidying up our ‘school room’.
I wrote them to the tidy-up ladies (i.e. chamber maids) when we were staying in a hotel in Leeds.
I must have been about nine or ten, because I thought 'text language' was cool, and I still brought millions of soft animals with me everywhere (teddies, cats, dogs, squirrels, fluffy dogs. I wrote down all their names before I left the hotel room each day - an inventory of sorts - so I’d know if anyone decided to nick any of them).
I liked the idea of the tidy-up lady unlocking the door to our room, dragging the hoover in behind her, sighing a little, suppressing a yawn as she started to fold up sheets ...and then spotting the letter on the bed. I liked to think of her smiling when she saw it, and hoped the memory of it would stay with her the rest of the day.

(I also liked getting extra biscuits. And the most exciting thing was when one of the ladies actually wrote back...)



  1. This really made me smile..a lot. Thank you for cheering me up on a wet and windy day. What a lovely child you must have been, it makes me slightly sad that I hardly ever saw you when you were growing up, bar when you were tiny and very occasional family events (I always spell occassional wrongly, it is a word I will never learn I fear). Heather x (your second cousin..)

  2. Oh I'm glad it cheered you up :)

    And haha, I always get words like that wrong too. Necessary is another one. Can never figure out how many 'c's and 's's are needed.

    Love to you !


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