spring in the city.

Thursday, May 16

I went for a walk around the west end of Glasgow yesterday and had to keep stopping to take pictures (on my phone, would you believe. The iPhone does have a terrific camera). I wandered. I went to Charlie Rocks for breakfast. I read my book*. I wrote a little bit. I looked round the Oxfam bookshop, and bought some old postcards. Lovely.

(*I aspire to be the sort of person that can casually, comfortably read novels in coffee shops. At the moment, it takes me at least a quarter of an hour to stop being self-conscious. There are all sorts of questions that need to be answered... like how to hold the book. Do I rest it on the table? Put it on my lap? Hold it in front of me with one hand, and hold the tea cup in the other? Prop it up against the sugar bowl? I don't know. Small questions. Real worries. I'm eternally awkward.)

I'm away to America on Monday with my sister (I'm so very excited! I have lots of notebooks to jot down interesting things. I'm especially excited about people-watching in the airport, watching a film on the plane, and chatting to the nice family we're going to visit). I'll post some other-side-of-the-ocean noticings once I get back.


  1. I love this, your day sounds perfect. I have never done a lot of reading in coffee shops, but once my exam is over I'm going to explore some of the independent tea rooms/ coffee shops in York with my book. Hopefully I won't be too awkward, I just need a book good enough to let me sink away. Enjoy America! X

  2. Good luck in your exam! And yes, you should. I'm going to try and get more comfortable reading in cafes. It seems like quite a nice sort of thing to do. Once I got into the book it was quite lovely. Until I began to get distracted (again) with wonderings about whether I should order another tea so as not to needlessly take up a table and annoy the staff... so I just did.

    You can never have enough tea.

  3. Aw these photos make me miss Glasgow! When the weather's nice it really is so beautiful and full of character. I'm not good at reading in coffee shops either haha. It's actually the worst place to start a new book sometimes as it's so easy to get distracted xx


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