weekend colour palette // red

Sunday, August 6

Last weekend wasn’t the best of weekends, I have to say. There was rather too much rain lashing off the windows, and stress-induced tear-soaked pillows, and tug-of-war matches with words that wouldn’t ease up on me (‘come on, guys. Give me a break here!’). But – even in the tussle of it all – here’s what I noticed. These red things. Popping out of the grey. 

There were odd bits and pieces around the house: books and (actual) Russian dolls, and shoes, and old-things from my late-grandparents found in a silver tin (Granny Chrissy’s tiny driving licence, a favourite photo of my Dad and Grandpa). 

There were things-I-stood-in-the-rain-for: the ferry, the post office doors, some flowers.

There were food related moments. Like the juicy crunch of watermelon triangles, and minestrone soup from the slow-cooker, and a rare outing away from the PhD to catch up with old-flatmates-and-co for dinner (Rosie – the beautiful girl in red up there – is getting married later this year, and moving down to England for a while, so it was a goodbye-for-now dinner. Which was a sad reason to be meeting. But good to visit, nevertheless. She was holding up the silver tray our bill came on at one point, and it cast such a lovely light on her face that I had to leap up and take a picture. Isn’t she lovely?)

I’ve been trying to stay away from my phone the last few weeks as much as possible because it is an MTG – i.e. Major Time Gobbler – so for these pictures, I switched from the iPhone to my DSLR. It was the first time in more than a year that I’ve used my camera and it made me remember that I want to learn how to work all those buttons. I’m adding it to my growing list of Things To Do after this study! Other things include: learn how to make an origami elephant, read Gone with the Wind, travel somewhere in Asia, make steps towards preventing potential-impending-Cat-Lady-future, bask in the bliss of being able to write what I want, watch the rest of the Gilmore Girls guilt-free. 

Following the difficult weekend, this first week of August has been a good, if incredibly full-on, week. May this next one be similarly productive (for me and for you).  

ps. This post has been written bit-by-bit over the last week as I've been working pretty much all day everyday on the thesis. Got there eventually though. Also pps. I've written a little about this colour project - which is actually Lu-from-Beside the Danube's idea - in the previous post). 


  1. I hope you feel better now .
    Whenever I'm in the tight spot or hard phase in my life I keep telling myself that this will pass! I wish we have a red driving license!

    1. Yes, that's a helpful perspective. All will be well, all will be very well <3 and I know - how cute is it?! Very very old.

  2. ah, gilmore girls - the original seasons and not the latest mess up I hope.
    I prescribe a batch of "Sarah & Duck" when feeling down - it is excellent.
    As for how not to be a cat lady - you won't. Enjoy being you and all will be well.

    1. Yes indeed! I've seen them all multiple times, but recently watched up till the end of Season 5 and then had to stop for a while (although... in some ways, it's a good place to stop. Because I start to really dislike Rory after that season. And I kinda hate her in the reboot. Enjoyed to watch them, but they were a mess. Agreed).
      I will check that out. I used to watch 'Charlie and Lola' on stressy days actually - if you haven't seen that, you should watch it. Super cute.
      And yes, I hope not. I don't really like cats...

  3. I love this. Pops of red amid the gray—lovely :)


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