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Monday, May 21

I remember having a conversation with my friend at the start of third year. We were on the way to a lecture, waiting outside the library to cross the road. I think it was raining because I seem to remember looking out at the traffic* from under an umbrella. We were wondering who would take over the editor positions for the university newspaper next year and I can remember saying something like:

‘I don’t think I’d be able to do it. It would be good, but it seems like so much work on top of everything else.’**

[Flash-forward to a few months later (the 11th of May to be exact) where I’m at an AGM meeting, standing in front of a group of students giving a speech about why I should be Features Editor]

So, this is a post just to say that... I’ve been elected 'Features Editor' of the Strathclyde Telegraph for the next academic year!! I’m very excited (and a little nervous... there’s a lot to learn)! It's a fantastic opportunity! I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes!

*Speaking of traffic... my mum was showing me these roadsafety videos from when she was a wee girl. Hilarious, and slightly disturbing.
 **It’s funny the things you think you’ll never be able to do! One thing I’ve recognised about myself is that my instant reaction to most things is:
No! Absolutely not. (But thanks all the same.)'
(Not quite sure why that is... possibly a symptom of being an introvert, or a born-worrier.) I’ve been trying to hold off saying these words out loud as much as possible and give myself time to properly mull things over. Once I’ve thought about them I often come round to liking whatever idea it was I was so determined agaisnt earlier. O! to be one of those fearless, instinctively brave sort of people. (I guess, though, those sort of people, if they exist, are a rare breed...)

(Pictures from: Oh My Cavalier)

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