sorry for the quietness

Friday, September 28

...the past month has been absolutely hectic (working, writing dissertations, helping my sister move out, driving lessons, editing the paper, having the cold, helping at the Fresher's Fair and so on).

The next few months look like they are going to be filled with more of the same (+ Shakespeare). I just started back my final year of university on Tuesday which is slightly terrifying. I'm praying, wishing, hoping and crossing my fingers for a sense of peace (along with a sharp mind, and speedy-reading and writing skills) over the next few months! There's a lot to do, but hopefully it will be exciting instead of (or at least, as well as) being stressful! So... if my posts on here are a little few and far between... this is why!

For now, listen to this if y'like: Youth by Daughter (this song featured in a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' I went to see over the summer, and my friend reintroduced me to it a few weeks ago. Quite anguished, but beauitful).

(Pictures are of customer notices - unsure of the right term - noticed in Sainsbury's while on holiday. The first one is quite cute, the second one whispers of heartbreak.)

a small kindness.

Wednesday, September 12

The other week, a customer gave me a gift. It was drizzly outside, and she was waiting for her friend at a table by the window. I was cleaning her table and she said,

'Do you like sweet things?

I looked up and saw she was holding out a hard-boiled orange sweetie for me.

'Oh,' I said, 'thank-you very much.' And I popped it inside my apron pocket.

I didn't eat it ('Rule Number One: Don't eat sweets from strangers!!'). But it was kind of her to give me it. And I tried to receive the gift.

(My mum, wise lady that she is, is often talking about how it is quite a brave thing for people to offer kindness ...whether it takes the shape of an invitation, or a few words, or a hard boiled sweetie. Giving things, offering things, leaves people vulnerable. So receiving is, in a way, kind as well.

This is something I'm trying to get better at: resisting the urge to get embarrassed, or to automatically say 'no thanks', or to make excuses. So many things just don't come naturally.)

(Picture: sweet-peas from my Gran's garden. A love heart mark on the window. )
by mlekoshi