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Tuesday, February 26

Here are some rather nice quotes and typographical beauties I found on Molly Jacques website. I'm involved in a design project as part of university this semester (we're creating a 'literary journal'), which means I've been spending a jolly lot of my time looking at fonts, photographs, logos and illustrations (...possibly too much of my time. Something I've Noticed About Procrastination Fact #343: it is wily and mustachioed and disguises itself as work). 

...on that note, I'm away to work on my essay on Lolita (I'm taking a class on Nabokov this semester. What an amazing writer! And also, what a disturbing book. But still... what an amazing writer. And yet... this could go on for a while. See you later).


Thursday, February 14

I am just about to start reading: 'Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking' by Susan Cain... and just found this little animation. Quite amazing! I've heard her talking on the TED website, and the book looks very intriguing (...especially as I'm an introvert, myself).

that's old news.

Tuesday, February 12

Something I couldn't help but notice is...

I passed my driving test! I passed it (on the first attempt) November. Quite old news now, I suppose, but it's still exciting. I get little moments while rumbling along the road where I suddenly realise: ‘Huh! I’m actually driving a car.’ (Both wonderful, and slightly terrifying at the same time).

When I was little(r) I'd always just assumed that I’d learn to drive when I 'grew up'. I remember making plans with my sister about all the things we’d do when we could drive (important things like: ‘go to the cinema pretty much all the time’ and ‘go to the swimming pool whenever we feel like it’*). The closer I got to seventeen, though, the harder it was to picture myself actually driving a car. I’ve wrestled with quite debilitating anxiety since I was about eleven – something that I’ve only very recently learned how to manage – and, up until this past year, I just couldn’t visualise myself feeling well enough to drive.

So this is a major achievement in more ways than one! Something which seemed near-impossible even just a year ago has now become a reality. Encouraging to realise that change is possible, that wellness is possible (and that nipping along to Morrisons to get a loaf of bread is also now possible).


(Oh, also. While on the subject of ‘that which once seemed impossible’: I completed and submitted my dissertation last month (my dissertation on that most unfathomable of subjects: the humble sandwich). Now comes the long wait till June for the results.)  

*alas, we’ve not yet done either of these (cinema trips or swimming). I’ve mostly just been driving to work and to pick my brother up from school and whatnot. Being a full-time nurse (her) and in your honours year of university (me) doesn’t really leave much time for doing much else. Plus, I don’t think we factored in the whole ‘we’ll need to pay for the cinema tickets ourselves’ thing! One day soon though!
by mlekoshi