Tuesday, November 23

I was looking in my journal from last May and came across this quote. It is from Stephen Fry’s book on poetry (The Ode Less Travelled). I had copied it out while I was studying for my first-year English exam. (...He is writing about poetic structure, metre, rhythm, rhyme etc.):
‘Indeed it is one of the paradoxes of art that structure, form and convention liberate the artist, whereas openness and complete freedom can be seen as a kind of tyranny. Mankind can live free in a society hemmed in by laws, but we have yet to find a historical example of mankind living free in lawless anarchy.’
~ Stephen Fry in The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within (2005).

An interesting idea. And one that applies to so much more than art.

simply irrational weather.

Thursday, November 18

Just now: it is cold and dark and raining. And I have a lot of work to do. It's on days like this when I wish I was six again. It would be nice to lie flat on my stomach - resting my face in my hands, wiggling my toes, carefree - and watch a Disney film (or 'I Dream of Jeannie') in my pink pyjamas.

But no! Back to reading about the Renaissance notion of woman I go.

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moments. loves. dreams. laughs.

Tuesday, November 16

It has been a busy week (or so). Working on assignments, reading Spenser's 'Faerie Queen' (), studying till (ridiculously) early hours of the morning. 

HOWEVER! I have been keeping an eye out, and this week I have noticed:

...a wall of flowers (spotted on the bus). I wonder what happened. Flowers often signal that something is wrong: a fight, an illness, a death. It's a shame. When I find the Lovely Boy (who does exist somewhere, I'm sure of it), I hope that he will buy me flowers (daisies or tulips or sunflowers wrapped in crinkly paper) at least once...just because.

...and this poster (spotted in the bus station).


...and a rainbow (spotted at the bus stop. Sensing a pattern here?) I was feeling rather tired and melancholy when it started to rain. I thought I was going to cry. But then! The sun tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, 'Look.' And I looked. And I saw it. And it cheered me up a little bit. ('Thank-you.')

...and this poster (spotted in university). They are looking for candidates. Evan and I have become avid fans of University Challenge. It would be fun to (be clever enough to) be in it.

...and bunting (spotted in a church hall).

...and a flower in my shopping basket (spotted in Tesco while I was buying tea and tomatoes). It wasn't signalling anything. It had just sneaked out of a bunch. I just looked down and there it was. ('Hello!')

on the subject of milk...

Wednesday, November 10

For my Journalism and Creative Writing class I have to write a restaurant review (I'm in the midst of writing it just now) and A.A. Gill's book 'Table Talk' was on the recommended reading list. It is brilliant. Parts of it have actually had me in tears and it's even caused me to guffaw on the bus (slightly embarrassing). I read this last night and it made me laugh (...just to set up the quote, the writer is giving advice on how to picnic 'the right way' - pretty much: travel light and don’t bring anything that is a palaver to eat):
‘And so to drink. Drink from the bottle. Everyone should have their own, all that fussing with plastic cups or glasses that spend most of their time spilling is a bore. Take black coffee in a Thermos, and sugar lumps in a pocket. If anyone is tasteless enough to want milk, use the sugar lumps to attract a cow.’
~ From ‘Picnics’ in A.A. Gill's 'Table Talk: Sweet and Sour, Salt and Bitter' (2007)

(Picture from deviantart.com)

An unlikely passenger

Tuesday, November 9

On the bus today, I ended up sitting beside... a carton of milk. Just a small one. A small carton of ‘whole’ milk (with a blue lid). As far as fellow-passengers go it was quite good to sit beside. It didn’t eat smelly crisps; it didn’t look over my shoulder, ‘subtly’ trying to see what I was reading; and it didn’t swear down the phone to its friend, Sammy Skimmed (ho ho).

I wonder where it was going...

Putting aside all the times when I’ve been caught in the rain waiting for one that is late (wet toes wiggling in wet shoes), and the times when I’ve had to sit beside nose-pickers because all the good seats have been taken, buses actually are quite brilliant: a constant source of entertainment.
Here’s to buses!
*raises (the white with blue forget-me-nots) teacup*
(ps. Yes. I did draw a face on the milk carton. It's called Procrastination, my friend. I'll go do my work now.)

'Start a blog!'

Sunday, November 7

Let's ignore the last two posts. I am going to introduce this blog right here, right now. Only... how to begin, I wonder. Introductions are always tricky.

I think the first thing is to introduce myself. But what should I tell you first? My name (Melissa), age (19), and occupation (part-time waitress, full-time student)? Somehow that sounds a bit like I’m filling in an application form. It’s a bit vague, and a bit impersonal. Well then, how about what I’m studying: English literature, journalism and creative writing? That tells you a bit more. I’m at university learning how to read and write. And it’s fantastic (if a little stressful).
Maybe I should I start throwing random facts about myself at you? Things like:
 I have lots of jars in my room (with the jam, curry or pickle washed out). Inside them are crayons, buttons, pencils, pennies, and words I’ve cut out from magazines.
 Most of my liquid intake comes from drinking (earl grey) tea.
 I find it difficult to climb stairs one-at-a-time. This comes in handy when I need to be somewhere fast. It becomes more of a problem when I’m wearing a skirt.
 from the ages of six to seventeen I was taught at home (with my brother and sister; by my mum). I loved it. But most people don’t quite understand what ‘home-schooling’ means. I don’t quite know how to describe it, only: it doesn’t mean doing schoolwork in your pyjamas.
Does that help at all? Or should I tell you some of the labels that are attached to me? Imagine me standing with my arms out, the words hanging off, quivering in the wind: girl, Scot, daughter, sister, friend, INFP, middle child, Christian, bookworm, employee, student, writer, human (and so on). I’m not sure. Is that enough?
What are my hopes for this blog? In between note-taking in lectures, discussing in tutorials, eating dinner, reading long Renaissance poems, serving customers, eavesdropping on buses, writing, and sleeping ...I hope to write a blog full of ‘noticings.’ I’m not a great authority on any particular subject. I like books, I like words, I like people and their quirks. So I’m thinking that this blog can be like one of the jars in my room, filled with little things I’ve thought were interesting throughout the week. Hopefully you (whoever you are) will find them interesting too.
♥ -
In terms of introductions that was a bit waffley. Maybe I’ll just rewind and I start the way I normally would. I’d take a deep breath, remember how to smile, catch your eye, take a step forward, and then:
by mlekoshi