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Thursday, September 8

The other night at dinner, I used the word ‘anomaly’ and was rather pleased with myself for it. 

‘I know those two hot summers we had a few years ago were a bit of an anomaly,’ I said, cutting up a sprig* of broccoli while staring out at the rain slushing against the window. ‘But I’ve come to expect heat in the summer because of them, and now feel a bit cheated.’

Anomaly. I know it isn’t a particularly fancy word. But I forgot that I knew it, and was surprised (in a happy sort of way) when it just tripped off my tongue like I’d been planning to use it.

A few of my favourite things include: golden hour light, the fact I now like coriander and lime and ginger and mushrooms and tomatoes when I used to loathe the lot of them (my altered taste buds make me feel saintly as fussiness is a real bugbear of mine), getting so lost inside a good story that I become rather feverish**, white basmati rice cooked just right, days when writing feels like flowing water (as opposed to the days where it feels like trying to do a synchronised swimming routine in a pool full of tar), and cafes with twinkle lights in them. 

I can also add ‘using an interesting word that I forgot I knew until it’s out my mouth’ to that happy list. Hooray.


It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been doing that thing where I keep putting off writing anything new because it’s been such a while. I start to feel like the next thing I write needs to be goodness-me-that-was-beautiful worthy. And that kind of pressure is always a sure way to give words stage-fright. 

So here's a very tiny little self-referential post to say "hello" and fill the gap and take the pressure off... and then I’ll get back to writing on here more regularly again. (The break in writing on here has actually been because writing of the novel has been going well. Hurrah.) 



*sprig is not the right word. It should be ‘floret’, right? (Right?) But I like the bounce in the word sprig – so I’m just going to use it. 

**I feel this way about the ITV drama Victoria right now. I don't really care whether it's historically accurate or not. It's just quite beautiful (so far at least). 

Also, ps. Please tell me this is the correct use of 'anomaly'? Otherwise I'll look a bit silly. I have a habit of being pleased with myself about various things and later finding out that I have no reason to be. 

Picture by: Saar Manche.


  1. I totally get like this too...feeling like I haven't published for so long that it needs to be beautiful and/or groundbreaking! I'm glad it's not just me. Your writing is always beautiful, regardless. Yay for golden hour light, coriander, limes and fancy words :)

  2. I love that feeling, when you accidentally use a rather complicated word. It doesn't happen to me a lot in English, but I love when it does happen. And your writing is always lovely! xx

  3. i love the word 'anomaly' too! and i was proud of myself when I used it. hhhaa.
    funny how a simple thing like using such a random words that pop up in your head, give such a fulfilling feeling, right?

  4. This happens to me while writing. All of a sudden I find myself using a complicate word I had no idea I knew. It's such pleasant surprise to find that somehow my mind had gathered this useful piece of information and has now slipped it at this opportune moment. A kind of filling in the blanks. Love your blog. Thanks for celebrating the everyday.

  5. I used the word "besmirch" at work once, and the lady I was speaking to was most impressed with my vocabulary! ;-) I love words!


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