Socks! Ahh-ahh*

Tuesday, December 27

To try and purge tomorrow of any potential for that ‘oh, I’m supposed to be studying but somehow tidying my room seems so much more interesting’-type procrastination, I decided to tidy my room today. Serious studying can now begin in the morning! 
While I was tidying I found all these socks at the bottom of my bed!

I cannot sleep with socks on (or if I do, I wake up feeling weird), so I tend to peel them off with my feet once I click out the light. Alas, however! As I now discover, this habit seems to be the root cause of the odd sock issue in this house. I've been blaming the tumble dryer for so long ('I think it eats them out of sheer badness.') I shall make my apologies to it tomorrow. 

(I got a bit distracted from tidying by making sock shapes...!) 

While we're on the subject... look at these amazing socks (from Topshop) I got my sister (who is a nurse) for Christmas!  

I thought they might help her to heel the patients (oh ho)!

*(to be sung to the tune of 'Flash')

Le Morte d'Dignité

Thursday, December 22

Tonight I noticed... a very large and gigantic beetle in my bedroom! (How long's it been there for? And does it have cousins? And aren't all insects supposed to be taking a holiday from frightening people at this time of year?? For goodness sake!) As much as I hate to think of myself as a damsel in distress, bugs make chivalrous acts not only desirable but, indeed, necessary. I was rescued from the fearsome beast by two kind gentlemen (father and brother).
Thank-ye kindly, sirs. Now excuse me while I go and search for my fallen dignity under that pile of books.

(picture from: here.)

I'll be your harvester of light.

Tuesday, December 20

Three small noticings:
(One.) I came across the word ineffability recently and it has entered my list of favourite words. Ineffable means: ‘cannot be expressed or described in language; too great for words; transcending expression; unspeakable, unutterable, inexpressible’ (according to the Oxford English Dictionary). I like how it speaks of mystery and how it sounds like it has feathers.
(Two.) It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Twinkle lights, Christmas trees, glass jars of cranberry sauce, songs with lines like ‘oh come let us adore Him’ and ‘silent night, holy night’ playing in unlikely places like H&M and Tesco, sparkly party dresses, the anxious wait for Amazon parcels. 
(Three.) I like this song (Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles). I always feel there is something a little bit sad about Christmas, although I can’t put my finger on what it is. The passing of another year, the bareness of the trees, the people who are alone... this song captures both the sadness and the loveliness of this time of year.

(pictures by Becca Stadtlander)
by mlekoshi