Socks! Ahh-ahh*

Tuesday, December 27

To try and purge tomorrow of any potential for that ‘oh, I’m supposed to be studying but somehow tidying my room seems so much more interesting’-type procrastination, I decided to tidy my room today. Serious studying can now begin in the morning! 
While I was tidying I found all these socks at the bottom of my bed!

I cannot sleep with socks on (or if I do, I wake up feeling weird), so I tend to peel them off with my feet once I click out the light. Alas, however! As I now discover, this habit seems to be the root cause of the odd sock issue in this house. I've been blaming the tumble dryer for so long ('I think it eats them out of sheer badness.') I shall make my apologies to it tomorrow. 

(I got a bit distracted from tidying by making sock shapes...!) 

While we're on the subject... look at these amazing socks (from Topshop) I got my sister (who is a nurse) for Christmas!  

I thought they might help her to heel the patients (oh ho)!

*(to be sung to the tune of 'Flash')


  1. Just found your blog, its very beautiful!
    Count me as a new follower :)


  2. Thank-you so much! How did you find it? :) x


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