I heard your heart sing...

Monday, January 23

I came across this song yesterday. My sister and I were wandering about in Glasgow for a while before going to see The Artist (silent, black and white, beautiful) ...and I heard it in a shop. I wrote a story over Christmas about a girl with a singing heart... so the words stuck out.

Happy New Year! I hope it is a year to remember (for good reasons, not for bad ‘Oh yeah, that was the year that I broke six ribs, and I did so badly in all my exams that I was personally called by the Dean and told to "get lost", and my parents ran away, and I witnessed that trapeze artist fall to his death which made me lose my appetite so I ate nothing but toast and peanut-butter for four months’ kind of reasons).

I’m hoping this year will be filled with fantastic conversations, and ink-stained fingers, and new experiences, and piles of books read, and plans that have ticks next to them, and enlightening discussions, and trips to interesting places, and better time keeping, and things that challenge me (in a positive ‘growing into the best version of myself’ kind of way) ...and tea (of course).

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