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Sunday, October 21

Another smattering of photographs from this past week (taken through instagram*).
The week started off sunny, and then descended into days and days of heavy rain (resulting in damp feet and a chill that only a long soak in the bath could purge). 
I'm trying to spot moments of beauty, though, even in the rainy weather. We have such buckets of it in this country and moaning about it probably doesn't help things (...I say this to myself, being up there with the best of the rain-ranters).
(Rainy shadows in George Square on my walk to class)
(A puddle of orange leaves on my walk home.)
Rainy days and dark nights make twinkle lights and tea all the more necessary (which can only be a good thing).
And... I suppose the rain makes the sun more noticeable (when it chooses to show up).
(Long shadows while waiting on the morning train. I was juggling my bag, my phone, and a cup of Earl Grey tea while taking this picture.)
Today, it's been lovely. My favourite part of autumn, every year, is the golden hour.
(A serendipitous picture of my mum walking into the golden light. I love the movement in this.) 

*(my user name is teaandascone, if you wanted to find me.)

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