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Sunday, October 7

In the midst of all the busyness, I've been trying to capture life through snapshots. I'm saving up for a DSLR camera at the moment (they are bloomin' expensive), but there's really something to be said for a good camera on your phone. So much easier to carry about, and much more subtle. Here are few things I've been noticing recently:

[one.] autumn is here.

[two.] sunlight and sea through my train window. I do like to live beside the seaside.

[three.] the first train ticket of the semester (this is my last year as an undergraduate ...which is kind of terrifying. Fourth year, so far, has been a return to form though. Looking forward to the rest of the year!)

[four.] editing the Strathclyde Telegraph is well under way. The Fresher's edition has already been published, Issue One is out this week, and I'm writing, gathering and editing Issue Two at the moment!

[five.] After about six years in one of the smallest rooms in the house, I've moved (into my sister's old room). Much warmer, brighter, and bigger.
[six.] me at the Theatre Royal reviewing a Scottish Ballet performance for the paper.

[seven, eight, and nine.] Trying to notice beauty in the autumn weather. A rainbow at the station... sky in a puddle...

...mist on my train journey.
(Also... I realised that I forgot to mention earlier on here that the literary magazine, Octavius, that included my short story has now been published. It has been since August, in fact!

Quite exciting to see my own words in print!)

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