'I am half sick of shadows...'

Sunday, November 27

I've noticed that I’ve not written anything on here for quiteawhile!
I’ve also noticed that I like Tennyson’s poetry (especially 'The Lady of Shalott') that the Christmas lights are up in George Square, that by the end of this week it will be December, that I seem to be getting progressively less organised with age and this trend must end, that my friends are very funny, that I drink on average about eight cups of tea (if not more) a day, that The Importance of Being Earnest is still hilarious even if you’ve known it for years, and that I really (really, really, really) hate deadlines... which is inconvenient as they’ll always be there. This next year I’ll maybe try and make a friend of them...


  1. Lady of shallot, also found in anne of green gables, a particularly favourite scene of mine as anne's friends freak out thinking anne has drown and gil ends up saving her. Ahh if all saturdays were like that! sarah xx


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