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Saturday, October 29

 I’ve been back at university for five weeks now. How this happened, I’m not quite sure. I feel like I just started back yesterday and now, here I am, halfway through the first semester (and already feeling extremely behind).
I have not written much on here recently as I am currently suffering from noun-poisoning. It’s a rare condition which manifests itself as incompetence when it comes to all things grammatical. The symptoms include: equal measures of interest and bewilderment in Stylistics lectures; mind-blanks when it comes to trying to write essays; and a tendency to speak out in class with silly answers (such as answering the question: ‘What is the verb in this sentence?’ with the word: ‘Over’. Over is not a verb).
I was looking through a few of my journals recently for a quote I had copied down. While I was flicking through the pages, I noticed a lot of little doodles. Not just any old doodles – I noticed a lot of little harassed-looking doodles. I noticed that these doodles seemed to increase in number around the times of intense coursework. It seems that doodling these doodles has a sort of cathartic effect. I thought I’d share a few of them on here because the melodrama of them made me laugh a bit:

(ha ha... a bit depressing, eh? I do love my course, but it can be incredibly stressful to keep up all the work that is squeezed into ten week semesters!)
(Title from: this song)


  1. Hey! I found your little paper heart inside my Hemingway book from the library! So cute :) <3

  2. Oh my goodness!! I forgot I even put that in there, ha ha! Thank-you for saying you found it! :) x


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