I feel happiest with myself when...

Tuesday, March 15

...I go to bed with ink-stained fingers. With studying comes many brilliant things: interesting ideas, thought-provoking words, brain-expanding.

But, for me at least, it also causes a lingering feeling of guilt: I always feel like I should be doing so much more, more, more than I do already. These fingers are proof that I've actually worked hard during the day and, phew, I can relax.

Either that, or they prove I need to get some new pens...

(I found this little doodle in my journal the other day. I can't draw hands, so most of my drawings are shy.)

I'm reading Sense and Sensibility just now for English. And it is wonderful. Jane Austen has had no small part to play in my ridiculously idealised notion of love, but I do so love her stories. So witty. And beautiful.

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