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Wednesday, March 30

I found this teacup necklace at the Granny Would be Proud vintage fair in Hillhead Bookclub on Sunday. (We were in having brunch for my Dad's birthday.)

After brunch, it was so sunny so we went for a wee wander around the West End of Glasgow - my favourite part of the city.

We went for (earl grey) tea and (cinnamon crumble, strawberry pavlova, and coconut) cakes at a very cute, retro place on Ashton Lane (Aunty M's Cake Lounge). They were delicious. 'The best cake I've ever had in my life' according to my Mum.  

This bizarre (or creepy) plate was hanging up in the wall in there. Quite strange.

The Oxfam Bookshop in the West End is magnificent. (Compact? Really?)



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