the difference between wine and tea.

Wednesday, February 23

Our kitchen seems to have become host to a plethora of flowers. They are quite lovely to look at. Cheerful. I was finishing up an assignment over the weekend and decided to work in there for a change. Less stuffy than my room, and no internet connection. (I did manage to find another way to procrastinate, though. With the camera. Ah dear.)

We found tea in the cupboard that's twelve years out of date. Twelve years! Ever one's to do things 'just for the experience' though, we still tried it. Suffice to say, it wasn't very nice. It tasted like smoked cheese. Yuck.

these made me laugh.

Wednesday, February 16

(...not a hysterical, nose-snorting, knee-slapping, can't-actually-breathe sort of laugh. Just a satisfying but small, smiling 'hmmf' to myself, if you know what I mean.)

(Pictures from: here.)

...more writing will come soon. At the moment though, I am researching paint (for a short story). I love the names of some paints: muddy puddle, sorbet, soft gooseberry, mint whisper, natural calico. They are delicious words to say.

Bibliothèque de l'Absurde.

Tuesday, February 8

This week I noticed someone walking around the university library in a banana costume. I wonder why...?

I also spotted an army-man doll hanging from one of the library signs. Again, why? Who put it there? Why did they put it there? Why did they have a plastic army-man doll with them in the first place? (...Are they okay?)

Also (!) I keep on finding library books like this, covered from margin to margin in other people's scribbling and highlighting.

Very distracting. My eye is pulled towards the underlined sections, and then I end up scanning over the parts that have not been underlined because someone, somewhere, for some reason thought that these sections were less important. But hang on! Why should I trust these underlining menaces? Who are these people? They might be skinny tuxedoed men with crooked moustaches and phony French accents, who tip-toe around from library to library, underlining completely irrelevant sections of books out of sheer badness. Now that I'm on to them, I shall be influenced by their pencil marks no more!
(I also noticed this little star on the train. It is not related to libraries, although I probably had seven or eight books in my backpack, it just made me smile.) to read some more of 'Tom Jones' now.
(p.s. I thought I should add that the title of this post is meant to be 'library of the absurd'. If my very poor French, and, have led me into to saying something frightfully rude: apologies.)


Tuesday, February 1

I passed one of these signs on the bus today and it made me laugh (inwardly, obviously. Laughing to yourself in public is kind of creepy). It's sort of a strange sign though. And maybe a wee bit insulting?

'Warning! You are entering an 'elderly people' vicinity! Don't get a fright! Expect rain-mates and crosswords aplenty here!'

(I am quite partial to, although rather bad at, crosswords. And I think someone should make rain-mates trendy because they are quite sensible, especially for the hood-less among us. I just wonder if, for the sake of being representative, They should also have signs with 'elderly people' on iPods and zipping about in Smart Cars...)
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