about me

Hello! I’m Melissa – a curious 20-something writer, reader and picture-taker. Three things about me: one: I live in Scotland, near Glasgow, beside the coast (if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I take quite a lot of pictures of the sea. I can’t seem to help myself). two: I graduated university in 2013 with a first class joint honours degree in Journalism, Creative Writing and English Literature, and I’m back again doing a PhD in Creative Writing. three. I drink more tea in a day than is probably healthy to drink in a week. 

So what of the blog? I started it up in autumn 2010 and, since then, have been filling it – more or less regularly, depending on deadlines and whatnot – with ‘noticings’ (variously: observations, eavesdroppings, ponderings, photographs, discoveries and a fair number of Marc John’s drawings).

It would be so easy to drift through life half-asleep – or spend most of my days staring at a beeping, purring, flashing rectangle (otherwise known as ‘The Smart Phone’) – but, I suppose if there’s one thing that my blog is really about it’s this: my attempt and desire to pay attention. To look closely at the 'ordinary’. To live with eyes wide open.

Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by! Do say hello.

(p.s. A fourth thing about me, I'm also founding editor/designer of Quotidian Literary Magazine, which you might like to read. It's full of pictures and words on 'the everyday'.)
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