be still.

Wednesday, November 21

Earlier this afternoon, I wandered down the stairs of one of the taller (and uglier) buildings in the university. My mind was churning a lot of things over (...worrying about an essay, tiredness, thinking about someone, formulating a need-to-do list, trying to work out a story plot, feeling a bit wistful and weighed down under the heaviness of my bag...). Ruminating. I guess that's the word for it.

Before leaving the building I took a short detour to visit the bathroom... and was struck into stillness by these words on the cubical door:

Yes. How true! Be calm. Don't worry. Breathe deeper. Have hope. (Wisdom in an unexpected place.)

Hello! I'm still here. The silence on this blog is related to the demand for words elsewhere (...where else but: university!) There are many words to be read, and many to be written. But I'll be back on here soon with more 'noticings' (and some good news.)
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