nice to see you.

Thursday, April 7

Hello blog! And hello Spring! It is ‘officially’ Spring now and – although, yes, I am still walking around in my winter coat most days – it does seem safe to say that Winter might be finished with (though I know uttering those words is a recipe for snow-in-April-type disaster. Please no).

I've transitioned from boots to shoes. My gloves and hat have been tucked back away into storage for next year (lol jk, I lost both of them mid-February) and there have been a few days recently where I’ve been outside and, tilting my head upwards, thought: oh! I feel heat on my face. Is that - [squinting up at the sky] - is that you, sun? I’ve been so happy to see: the light hanging around till later in the day (it’s stretching its fingers into seven – even eight o’clock sometimes), flowers pushing up through the ground and blossoms appearing on the trees, people eating lunch outside again (with jackets on, mind you. But at least they’re not shivering indoors), my own shadow stretching long ahead of me on golden-lit evenings. As I write, there are birds singing outside.

Yes, Spring. Hello. You are most welcome.

With April comes all things wedding related. My sister is getting married at the end of the month so we all need to collectively pray for lots of sunshine on the 22nd of April, okay? (Though please, God: no bees. I might be wearing flowers in my hair). 

Anyway – this is just a post to say ‘hello, little blog. I’m still here.’ (Sorry for the lull.) 

(The pictures are just from here and there over the past few weeks. I've not been taking too many pictures recently. I need to get on that.)
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