Bibliothèque de l'Absurde.

Tuesday, February 8

This week I noticed someone walking around the university library in a banana costume. I wonder why...?

I also spotted an army-man doll hanging from one of the library signs. Again, why? Who put it there? Why did they put it there? Why did they have a plastic army-man doll with them in the first place? (...Are they okay?)

Also (!) I keep on finding library books like this, covered from margin to margin in other people's scribbling and highlighting.

Very distracting. My eye is pulled towards the underlined sections, and then I end up scanning over the parts that have not been underlined because someone, somewhere, for some reason thought that these sections were less important. But hang on! Why should I trust these underlining menaces? Who are these people? They might be skinny tuxedoed men with crooked moustaches and phony French accents, who tip-toe around from library to library, underlining completely irrelevant sections of books out of sheer badness. Now that I'm on to them, I shall be influenced by their pencil marks no more!
(I also noticed this little star on the train. It is not related to libraries, although I probably had seven or eight books in my backpack, it just made me smile.) to read some more of 'Tom Jones' now.
(p.s. I thought I should add that the title of this post is meant to be 'library of the absurd'. If my very poor French, and, have led me into to saying something frightfully rude: apologies.)


  1. It is amazing the things that one sees/overhears in a library...
    People organising a charity pub quiz
    People in super hero costumes
    People using hairdryers
    People running for free computers
    People having serious discussions about who would win in a battle between Star Wars villian Darth Vader, and the ever popular Harry Potter.
    People on computers, stalking people on Facebook

    The list is endless! (All of the above - true stories!)

    Bibliotheque de l'Absurde indeed!


    Also, I wonder if the army man was running away from a horrid owner and accidently ended up in the means of an older siblings backpack? Toy Story 4: Flight of the Army Men?


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