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Monday, March 7

On the bus the other day I found lots of (Disney Princesses) wrapping paper on the floor. There must have been an on-the-go birthday party earlier that morning. (In one way this is quite cute; in another way, this is technically littering. Come on, people. Bin your rubbish. Recycle it, even. ‘Save the trees, man.’)
I saw this abandoned bear at the bus station today. It looked so sad, with its little bow-tie. Who left him, and why?

My sister and I went out for lunch to the (amazing) Butterfly and the Pig this weekend and halfway through my cheese and tomato toastie I noticed that the stairs above us were decorated with hand and foot prints. My first thoughts were: ‘Cool.' And then: 'That guy must have really big hands. And big feet.’ And then: ‘How on earth did he get his feet up there?’ Did he bounce, head first, on a trampoline? Or did he stand on his head? If so, how tall is this person?? He must be fearsome to behold.

Whoever said that there is no mystery left in the world obviously needs to clean their glasses. I'm off to read some more Romantic poetry (with a capital R) now.

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