doll doppelgänger.

Wednesday, March 9

We’ve had this doll for years. A family friend (one of my preschool teachers, ‘Miss Chris’) who used to work in Romania brought it back for us.

She’s lived all over the house (the doll, I mean, not the friend): in the lounge next to photographs, in the sitting room on the bookshelf, in the kitchen on the window ledge (see picture).

A while ago I noticed that she looks an awful lot like...

Margaret Beckett! The politician. Ah ha ha! I just remembered this again today when my brother was watching Question Time. Funny, huh?
...well, okay. Maybe not an 'awful lot'. But she does look a little bit like her, sure she does? There is a faint resemblance, yes? She is vaguely ...Beckett-like?
...maybe it's just me.
(Picture from Google Images.)

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