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Wednesday, November 10

For my Journalism and Creative Writing class I have to write a restaurant review (I'm in the midst of writing it just now) and A.A. Gill's book 'Table Talk' was on the recommended reading list. It is brilliant. Parts of it have actually had me in tears and it's even caused me to guffaw on the bus (slightly embarrassing). I read this last night and it made me laugh (...just to set up the quote, the writer is giving advice on how to picnic 'the right way' - pretty much: travel light and don’t bring anything that is a palaver to eat):
‘And so to drink. Drink from the bottle. Everyone should have their own, all that fussing with plastic cups or glasses that spend most of their time spilling is a bore. Take black coffee in a Thermos, and sugar lumps in a pocket. If anyone is tasteless enough to want milk, use the sugar lumps to attract a cow.’
~ From ‘Picnics’ in A.A. Gill's 'Table Talk: Sweet and Sour, Salt and Bitter' (2007)

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