An unlikely passenger

Tuesday, November 9

On the bus today, I ended up sitting beside... a carton of milk. Just a small one. A small carton of ‘whole’ milk (with a blue lid). As far as fellow-passengers go it was quite good to sit beside. It didn’t eat smelly crisps; it didn’t look over my shoulder, ‘subtly’ trying to see what I was reading; and it didn’t swear down the phone to its friend, Sammy Skimmed (ho ho).

I wonder where it was going...

Putting aside all the times when I’ve been caught in the rain waiting for one that is late (wet toes wiggling in wet shoes), and the times when I’ve had to sit beside nose-pickers because all the good seats have been taken, buses actually are quite brilliant: a constant source of entertainment.
Here’s to buses!
*raises (the white with blue forget-me-nots) teacup*
(ps. Yes. I did draw a face on the milk carton. It's called Procrastination, my friend. I'll go do my work now.)

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