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Tuesday, November 16

It has been a busy week (or so). Working on assignments, reading Spenser's 'Faerie Queen' (), studying till (ridiculously) early hours of the morning. 

HOWEVER! I have been keeping an eye out, and this week I have noticed:

...a wall of flowers (spotted on the bus). I wonder what happened. Flowers often signal that something is wrong: a fight, an illness, a death. It's a shame. When I find the Lovely Boy (who does exist somewhere, I'm sure of it), I hope that he will buy me flowers (daisies or tulips or sunflowers wrapped in crinkly paper) at least once...just because.

...and this poster (spotted in the bus station).


...and a rainbow (spotted at the bus stop. Sensing a pattern here?) I was feeling rather tired and melancholy when it started to rain. I thought I was going to cry. But then! The sun tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, 'Look.' And I looked. And I saw it. And it cheered me up a little bit. ('Thank-you.')

...and this poster (spotted in university). They are looking for candidates. Evan and I have become avid fans of University Challenge. It would be fun to (be clever enough to) be in it.

...and bunting (spotted in a church hall).

...and a flower in my shopping basket (spotted in Tesco while I was buying tea and tomatoes). It wasn't signalling anything. It had just sneaked out of a bunch. I just looked down and there it was. ('Hello!')

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