the smell of spring.

Tuesday, April 23

Spring smells like
stringing laundry outside –
pants and pillows and pyjamas –
and like picnics and playing
badminton in the garden –
tea, more tea, and triangle sandwiches –
and like enjoying the sun
before the wasps come.
Spring smells like

(I just found this tiny list which I wrote out a few years ago. Quite liked the rhythm of it. I caught a whiff of a few of those aromas recently. And then the rain came.

This picture was taken last week, a week hereby named The Week of Essay Madness. I drink quite a lot of tea in a day. This picture was taken at about 11am.)


  1. Have to say I prefer the smell of winter :)

  2. Oh really? I like how all the seasons have particular smells. There's always one day, the season before each, that you can smell the next one coming. Generally mid-October I start smelling Christmas trees.


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