cat's eyes.

Tuesday, January 22

We are looking after my grandparents' cats just now, and this one was sitting up on my window-ledge yesterday morning, watching snow falling outside.

The noise of the camera annoyed her, I think, so she turned round to tell me to 'be quiet!' - and I managed to catch this picture (with my new DSLR camera, don't'cha know, which my parents very kindly bought me for Christmas).

On another note, you might've noticed that I've changed the design of the blog a little. University work-load permitting, I'm hoping to post more photographs in the months to come ...once I figure out how to work the camera (lots of buttons and numbers and letters. Don't quite know what they mean yet), so I wanted to make the blog a bit wider. And I've been wanting to change it for a while, anyway. I'm no html-genius, so it's still pretty simple. But I think it looks a bit nicer. Hopefully you like it! 

(The wallpaper is from: The Darling Tree. This lady has a beautiful blog which I just stumbled upon a few months ago).

Anyway! I'm off to have dinner now. On the menu tonight: Moroccan chickpea stew with couscous, and grilled halloumi cheese and toasted almonds scattered on top. (My Mum bought some very delicious vegetarian cookbooks over New Year - the recipes are delicious, I mean, not necessarily the books - so many a tasty meal has been had recently!)


  1. Hi this is Hannah.I LOVE that story! I'm writing my own too. I noticed on one of the picture that the windows there is a heart! Ooo! Nice'a nice'a!

  2. Such a cute post! Your cat is lovely



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