falling light

Monday, January 14

I’ve recently fallen in love with this painting (‘The Accolade’ by Edmund Blair Leighton). The light, the solemnity, his down-looking eyes, her hair: beautiful.
I noticed it in my friend's house a few weeks ago. She had a copy of it hanging right as I walked in the front door.

I was pretty pleased with myself I have to admit because, without knowing anything about it, I was able to guess that it was a picture of Guinevere and Lancelot and that it looked vaguely pre-Raphaelite. Useful to know that – as well as being able to work out the metre of old poems, the difference between finite and non-finite verbs, and other such useful life skills – my English degree has equipped me with painting-recognition talents. Huzzah! Someone employ me, quick!


  1. I love the painting. I also love noticing these things and I find myself doing so more and more often, (I too am an English literature student) Xxx

  2. I know, it's beautiful isn't it? I also love 'signing the register' - another painting by this artist.


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