Tuesday, May 31

My first study-free week was delicious. I read a book. I listened (really listened) to music. I wrote in my journal. I thought about things. I went to the cinema with Evan (my brother, who was also exam-free).
And then a curious thing happened.  
On Friday, I was (all of a sudden) gripped by a desperate urge to make things. My List of Things to do Over the Summer did not include making things. This making things mood just came out of the blue. (I hesitate to use the word ‘crafty’ here. A ‘crafty person’ brings to mind two images. One: Dick Dastardly rubbing his hands together and laughing evilly. Two: someone who owns a fluffy fleece with a print of white wolves on the back. The kind of person who takes their shoes off in cafes, and who has a halo of unkempt hair, and who talks in a very ‘deep’ way, but no one knows what on earth they are talking about. God bless that kind of person. It takes all sorts to make the world an interesting place. I just don’t want to be one of them. Creative not crafty. Anyway...!)
I spent about eight hours making these. (I got the idea from here) I want to hang them in my room ...which needs to be tidied.. Tidying is on my list, which perhaps explains the creative urges. It seems that where there is a list, procrastination soon follows.

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  1. These are SO adorable! And so simple to make (although I'm sure you put alot of love and hard work into making them). I love it when you find something on the internet and instead of paying the totally unreasonable price for it you think, heck why don't I just make it? And it turns out just as nice as the one being sold (if not better). I was browsing Etsy the other day, and this woman wanted seven pounds for these tiny origami stars put onto cocktail sticks. I already know how to do origami stars, so I hopped right to it and before you could say 'cheapskate' I had ten of these without having to pay postage!


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