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Sunday, May 1

I’m just about to go and read more about “free indirect discourse” in Sense and Sensibility (WONDERFUL! I hate exams with a passion, but I like studying for them – learning and remembering interesting ideas). I thought I’d pop on here first though just to say I’m still alive and I’ve not abandoned this blog. I’ve just been busy with studying and whatnot. ‘Whatnot’ includes: 

♥ sitting outside for lunch as much as possible, while the sun lasts

♥ watching the royal wedding (what a beautiful dress. Yes, a lot of hype and 'pomp' - what a funny word - but it's nice to see a celebration on the news for a change, and to have an opportunity to laugh at ridiculous hats)

♥ getting my hair cut (it was getting quite long – so long, in fact, that everyone very kindly took it upon themselves to remind me how much I suit short hair. My sister actually dialled the number of the hair dresser for me, so I decided to take the hint, ha ha. It does look less messy.)
♥ going to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet (by the Scottish ballet – it was quite dark and wonderfully bizarre.)
♥ working in the cafe at the weekends (busy, very busy)
♥ making up songs about vegetables with my brother while making the dinner (‘Carrots on the Floor’ and ‘Fruit Salad (Ba-na-na-na-na)’. Expect updates on the release date of our EP soon).
♥ listening to: this song (I love, love, love Mumford and Sons)
Back to studying now! I will write more soon. Promise.
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  1. you are like sunshine, and i like you.


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