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Wednesday, May 25

I am now officially finished second year. Halfway through university already – how bizarre. The second semester has been very interesting, especially Creative Writing and the philosophy-based class (Literature, Criticism, and Theory), and the Romantics ...but the exams at the end of the semester have made me relish* the thought of some time off. I am in the middle of compiling a list of things to do over the summer (books to read, things to write, places to visit, people to see). Making a list is always exciting, even if I know I’m not likely to stick to it.
I realise that none of this really fits under ‘something I noticed’. I don't want this blog to become an online-diary. The picture does, though. I was in the kitchen, drinking tea and chatting with my brother, when I saw it, and bounded** out the room to find my camera.(Sadly, the clematis is now flower-less due to this weekend’s wild west wind. It was so wild, in fact, that it trapped my mother and grandmother on an island for a day longer than planned because the ferry wouldn’t brave the waters.)  
*That’s the first time I’ve ever used ‘relish’ in a sentence I think... or at least, the first time it hasn’t come affixed to ‘tomato’. The first time, and possibly the last. I’m not sure if I like it.
**Having been born with a natural lack of elegance, I can’t seem to walk from room to room: I gallop. Not very grown up. It’s something that I should really try and to stop before I’m twenty ...which gives me just over a month to break the habit. (Goodness! That’s quite frightening.)


  1. I'm exactly the same with the 'galloping' thing. Although I've a few years till I'm 20, so I think I'll enjoy it while I still can :)

  2. I know... it just takes too long to walk from A to B. Maybe we should just proudly embrace our galloping. I once saw a middle-aged lady in the middle of Glasgow running to catch the bus, her coat buttons popping open and her hair falling out of its pony tail, and when I saw her I loved her. 'A fellow runner! That will be me!' :)


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