Deliciousness in 11 easy steps

Thursday, June 2

1 Cadbury’s chocolate Whispa bar (or a Galaxy, or any other delicious chocolate bar)
Preparation time:
About an hour
  1. Take the Wispa. 
  2. Unwrap, and break a little bit off the end of it and eat.
  3. Leave the rest on the coffee table while the sun is high in the sky and forget about it.
  4. Spend an hour doing any of the following: a.) read a book, b.) write a poem, c.) have a nap, d.) go for a walk, e.) write panic-y emails to university admin staff about complications with the children’s literature class that you’ve been desperate to take since you were about fifteen...
  5. Remember about the Wispa.
  6. Sneakily glance around to make sure no one is looking (because you don't plan on sharing, but don't want anyone to think that you're greedy...even though you've already had quite a big lunch and have eaten two biscuits)
  7. Try and pick the Wispa up but realise that it has melted in the sun.
  8. Find a spoon.
  9. Eat and enjoy and smack your lips (in a dark corner so no one notices).
  10. Destroy all evidence!!
  11. Write a blog about it, therefore nullifying step ten.
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1 comment:

  1. Your so right, there is nothing better than melted chocolate. I remember once when I was stuck inside but really wanted some melty chocolate, so I got a hairdryer and blasted a bar with hot air!


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