Dear July, three // uncharacteristic

Sunday, July 3

The other night, I had a dream in which I was about to perform a sort of free-style-rap* slash Dr-Seuss-type-ditty to a circle full of strangers. I don’t remember why, in the context of the dream, I felt the need to do this. Nor why I felt certain that I should give my performance in a country-twanged American accent. Very unlike me (when I actually find myself in a big crowd of strangers – unless I have a clear ‘role’ to play – I tend to spend a lot of time “looking for things in my bag”, wandering round the perimeter of the room trying to give off the impression that I'm headed somewhere, or hiding in the bathroom, wondering whether it’s rude to leave yet).

In the dream, I was convinced that what I was about to say/rap was pretty knee-slapping-ly hilarious and it was definitely going to get some loud laughs from the people gathered around. I was sleeping, but I was also conscious enough to think: ‘Goodness me. I’ll need to write some of these rhymes down when I wake up, because this stuff is golden. 

Thankfully, I woke up before the actual outburst. I doubt it would have gone to plan. As often happens with dreams, the moment I opened my eyes: the whole thing disappeared out my head like dishwater whirl-pooling down an unplugged sink. So I wasn't able to write any of those hilarious rhymes down on paper to share with you. What a shame. 

All I really remember is that the rap had something to do with sweetcorn*.


In other news: today, after writing some of the novel/PhD to give myself a head-start on the week, I baked 17 cookies on a whim (banana, oatmeal, chocolate-chip, coconut, pecan). They filled the flat with a delicious warm scent (fyi, I took that first picture by putting my camera on a timer, and then holding the phone between my chin and neck. Such elegance).

Also: thank you to everyone who has been reading these ‘letters to July’* so far. I’m never sure who is reading this blog, so I have been surprised and moved by some really beautiful comments the past few days: thank you. 



*On free-styling, you should watch the Flight of the Conchords' 'Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros'. 

*On sweetcorn: Who knows... sleeping-me is a strange being that I don't pretend to understand.   

*The original idea for the series last year was sparked by Emily Diana Ruth's beautiful video blogs. You should watch them.

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