the lion and the sparrow

Sunday, March 3

I spotted this little bird rather bravely resting atop the lion in George Square last week. 'The Lion and the Sparrow' ... that sounds like it could be a children's book or a fable of some sort, doesn't it? (...if, indeed, that is actually a sparrow. I'm no bird-buff).

Speaking of birds, I can hear a couple of them outside my window. Oh yes, Spring is most definitely coming.


  1. Melissa, are you on goodreads?

  2. That is a brave looking lion :)
    I always love the ones at Trafalgar Square!

  3. Nice blog! Just stumbled across it whilst reading through the comments on Junkaholique.
    I like your photography. And keep persevering with the DSLR - I was a bit scared by mine at first but got there in the end. A good website (with friendly tutorials) is

  4. No, alas. I'm not on goodreads. Who's asking? :) I'll maybe join it after I've finished uni. Trying to rid myself of all extra distractions until my last essay's due in!

    And thanks, Sarah. Will look at that website. Looking forward to figuring the camera out (after, again, the essays are in)!


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