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Sunday, July 1

Over the past few days in work I’ve noticed: a lady with a necklace made out of toy cars (like this one... quite unusual), a baby with yellow and black stripy socks on (like bumblebees), and rain-soaked mothers and primary school children pouring into the cafe for ice-cream (yesterday was the last day of school, i.e. the official beginning of the summer holidays). 

I also was reminded of how important and useful it is to try and think about what you’re going to say before you speak (unlike earlier on today, when I had a slightly awkward mind-blank moment:


INT. Cafe kitchen – afternoon
Very noisy (plates clattering, fish fryers bubbling, chefs shouting). Gruff looking MAN enters wearing a black t-shirt and a tool-belt. MAN approaches ME.
    MAN: I’m here to fix the cold room.
    ME: (pause) What was that, sorry?
    MAN: The cold room. I’m here to fix the cold room.
    ME: (slightly confused) The cold room?
    MAN: (slightly irritated) Aye. The cold room.
    ME: Oh! (walking to the walk-in fridge and opening the door) Do you mean the fridge?
MAN looks at me blankly.

    ME: (turning to the walk-in freezer and opening that door... it’s cold. It could technically be called a ‘room’.) Or the freezer?
    MAN: (narrowing his eyes) I was called about the cold room. I’m here to fix it.
    ME: (pause) I’ll go get my manager.
INT. Cafe floor
A minute later. Very noisy (babies crying, saxophonist playing, coffee grinder ...grinding)
    ME: (standing on my tiptoes, because I’m short and my voice doesn’t carry very far) There’s a man here --- something about ‘the cold room’ --- he’s in the kitchen --- he wants to see you.
    MANAGER: (can't hear because of the noise) What’s that?
    ME: (louder) A man --- in the kitchen --- to see you---?
    MANAGER: What sort of man?
    ME: (walking and talking over my shoulder) He’s a --- um, a man with tools (walking towards the kitchen) --- he’s a --- he’s a fixer.
    MANAGER: (following me through doors to kitchen) a fixer?
INT. Kitchen
    ME: Yes. Um --- he’s --- a fixer --- a fixer of freezers --- or fridges --- a fixer.
    MANAGER: (not understanding) A ‘fixer’?
    ME: (getting a bit flustered because I've forgotten the word) A --- he’s a freezer fixer or something ---you know? He’s here to fix the cold room --- he’s a fixer... person.
    MANAGR: What ---?
    ME: A fixer --- he’s a ---
We arrive back where MAN is standing.
    ME: (relief) Oh! He’s over there.
I leave them to it and hurry away to avoid further word-fails.)

The word I was looking for (which I didn’t come across until about half an hour later, and only with the help of another waitress) was handyman. Handyman! Not ‘fixer’ (!) Ah dear...

(Pictures from: Yelena Bryksenkova. Beautiful pictures... which are, again, unrelated to the actaul content of the post!)


  1. I enjoyed your noticing! My eyes are not so keen, i have such a poor attention span and memory (sometimes i forget what clothes im wearing and worry that i am actually naked O_O)

    Haha sadly i can relate to the mind blanking moments >_< sometimes i just trail off mid-conversation and just completely forget what my point is. My brain is a pile of turds. xx

  2. Yeah, I do that as well (the trailing off thing) when I think people aren't listening, ha ha. Quite a bad habit really, because it makes people less inclined to listen. ('That girl never finishes her sentences')


  3. So what did he mean by the cold room? Did you ever find out? x

  4. You know, I actually never did. I think it WAS the freezer, ha ha.


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