daisies and danger.

Wednesday, June 27

Last week I got caught up reading the Hunger Games series so spent a lot of the week (in the house, or on the bus, or in the staff-room after eating soup) with my nose in one of those books. After reading a lot of (interesting but) difficult texts* for university it was a nice change to read something that was compelling and didn't require too many literary dictionaries to decode.

(*When I say 'difficult texts', I mean ones like T.S. Eliot’s 'The Wasteland' (aka ‘I stuck lots of bits of other people’s poems together to make something which is now unintelligible’), Samuel Beckett’s ‘(If you’re) Waiting for Godot (you’ll be waiting a while)’ (which is actually hilarous and I loved it, but watch: this), and Don DeLillo’s ‘White *I-have-a-very-bleak-view-of-humanity* Noise’. No irreverence intended, of course.)

This week, I'm trying to be a little bit more productive so I have started work on my dissertation research, tidied my tip of a room, and I am going to start studying the Highway Code! As of yet I have managed to avoid killing anyone with the car (...if you don’t count that guy with the beard last week), so on those grounds I'd say the driving lessons are still going okay.

Anyway! I thought I'd put up some amusing road signs that I came across in a book today:

[one.] Beware of the ducks (thankfully I've not come across too many ducks yet. This makes me think of the story 'Make Way for Ducklings' which my Mum read out to my little brother when he still qualified as 'little').
[two.] Watch out for Mr. Darcys. 

[three.] Beware! ‘Migratory toads crossing’ (...?)

[four.] Watch out for tankers...

[five.] Not to make you feel anxious or anything, but are you wearing your scuba suit?

(The pictures of daisies are not really relevant to anything in this post. I just quite like them. They were taken in: the Botanic Gardens last summer, in the cutest little town called Cromarty two summers ago, in St Andrews about five summers ago.)

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