Wednesday, April 18

I've had an essay to write. And an article. And a short story. And I've got an exam coming up. So I've mostly just been 'noticing' papery things - lined paper, books on 'time and modernism', the novel Mrs. Dalloway (beautiful book), the changing shape of my handwriting throughout the day (at the start: neat, by the end of the day: not so).

Other than that here are three small noticings: (one) the boy on my train picking an eyelash off his girlfriend's cheek, (two) the light hitting my glass of water, making it look like it was glowing, (three) the funny/wonderful spelling of the word 'vacuum' (two 'U's in a row!! How have I never noticed this before?!).

And... I've recently come across the drawings of Gemma Correll (you should take a look at her website, if y'like. Brilliant). I thought I'd share a couple of them on here because they made me smile:

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