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Sunday, January 17

I’ve sort of been procrastinating re. writing a ‘farewell to 2015’ post. Mostly because I’m unsure how to sum up an entire year (...last one in particular is difficult because large chunks of it changed colour slightly, making it more of a challenge to wrap neat words around). I am writing something though, so I'll maybe post it later today. But first: a few words on the weather.  

On Friday, the world was golden and crisp. Then yesterday morning, I woke up to my phone buzzing: “it’s snowing!!!” There was a little slip of window showing between my curtains so I sat up, squinting, trying to see out it: and there was the snow, coming down heavy and quiet and thick. For the first time in a while I was actually quite excited to see it (it's a change from rain at least).  

It’s set to be a cold month, I think. It was quite fantastically frosty at the start of this week. So much so that I actually missed my train on Wednesday because the pavement was so icy and glittering that I couldn’t run. I normally run. I’m pretty sure the neighbours around here haven’t ever seen me when I’m not running (I’m just a blur of red to them, flashing past their window with too many book bags and my hair unravelling). 

Anyway – just as I got to the steps at the top of the train station, the last window of the train was disappearing from view. So I had to get the bus instead. My breath billowed into long dragon clouds while I waited, and the pole at the bus stop was white and spiked. If I’d reached out to touch it, my fingers would have stuck there. Or my tongue, had I licked it (...which, I’m not really in the habit of doing, thankfully). 

New year's resolution: leave the house earlier. Back up plan: always carry salt. 

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