Wednesday, April 8

Spring is here. It tiptoed into our lives a few weeks ago (bringing opportunities for eating lunch outside, light jackets, walks without-gloves, birdsong, general happy feelings). And then it snowed. And hailed. And rained. And sleeted. And the sky was grey for a long time. And I caught the cold. And moped around Glasgow wearing a blanket-scarf and hiding my cracked-skin-hands deep inside my pockets. But it's come back and it is quite beautifully golden. Spring is here. It's here. And it is most welcome. What are some of the signs of Spring you've been enjoying?

Picture of: me, on Easter Sunday, in our back garden, looking unintentionally bridal... and in need of a hairbrush.

I will return to this little blog. There is much to write. My head is full of words. For now though, here's a song I've been enjoying: Make it Holy by the Staves (featuring Bon Iver).


  1. Spring best still be here at the weekend. I'm currently sat in my office with the sun streaming through the window. Usually this means my weekends will be cloudy and grey :( xx

    1. I hope so too! It's apparently meant to be hotter than Greece in Scotland this weekend (I'll believe it when I see it) hopefully some of that heat filters down your way! x

  2. Hairbrushes are overrated. :)


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