the dream I dreamed.

Monday, June 2

I was looking through an old journal recently – looking for a description of something to go in another piece of writing – and while I was skimming through the entries I found this:

‘(13.05.12) I had a dream the other night. I was in ASDA with J. While we were in there, she found out that the man she’s been going out with is, in fact, married. She had no idea. As well as being a man, somehow or other (in the absurd nature of dreams) this guy she’s been dating was also a bananaThis is not a euphemism. He was literally a piece of fruit.

Later in the dream, J and I got separated. I wandered about for a bit and ended up running into Mum and E somewhere around the bakery aisle. I told them about what had happened to J, and then E left us “to go buy some crisps”. The two of us looked after her as she walked away.

“She’s upset,” Mum told me, “because she’s been going out with that man too and didn’t realise.”

I pushed the shopping trolley along and thought for a moment. Then I said,

“How can she be sure it was the same banana?”’

I seem to remember this dream ending with my Mum and I standing there in ASDA, bent over in stitches, absolutely killing ourselves laughing. And I woke up grinning.

Dreams are odd things.

(Pictures are the quite hauntingly lovely illustrations of Emily Winfield Martin. Her website is: here)

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