the sun shining down over me and you

Wednesday, May 30

Something I've noticed the past two weeks has been..... the sun! (Cue the music!) When you live in a country renouned for its rain, sun is something that is worth noting. Especially when it allows you to leave the house without a coat: a treat indeed.

(This is a picture from a picnic last week with two nice friends in the Botanic Gardens: playing 'Pooh sticks' over a bridge, eating strawberries, being pestered by hungry dogs, playing UNO, wearing a dress, looking at old postcards, witnessing fellow picnic-ers create a daisy chain of many metres, not needing to worry about exams, catching the sun on our faces, eating ice-cream to cool down. A jolly lovely day.)

(While writing this post, I've been listening to Andrew Bird's new album ...and I've now bought it because I like it that much. Just to let you know!)

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